1-2-3 is the enemy, you never wanna see em again
6-6-6 is the devils mix, and in this games the devils your friend
4-5-6 makes you king of the roll, then you take in all the dough
cause the only way to beat the devils mix is 4-5-6 C-low!


The player with the most amount of different coins or notes is deemed the banker.

Bets are put on the ground infront of the player and the banker rolls the dice.

The score s/he gets has to be beaten by the other players, unless the banker gets 3,2,1
in which s/he pays all players equal of their bet or if the banker rolls 4,5,6 Ceelo all players
give their bets straight to the banker.

After the banker rolls, the players take turns to beat the bankers score.

If they do the banker must pay equal of the bet, if they don't then the bet goes to the banker.

666 is the highest number in the game, but it is second only to 4,5,6 known as Ceelo.