Fun Fractals – fuck the fakers


Check out these Freaky Fractal videos

Lily Allen is a Hard Bitch


Lily Allen has a feminist message for all those Gangster Rappers and Tough Booyeez who think they can get away with calling women Bitches and Ho’s while simultaneously bigging up their wonderous exploits as hardened criminals of the mean streetz.

Forget about your balls and grow some tits, cos it’s hard out here for a bitch.

Ceelo on dA interWeb


Bringing it live and direct we are pleased to announce the release of the all new Ceelo Webapp hosted right here at

Don’t have time to download the mobile app or maybe you just prefer to use a browser instead? Runs on all mobile devices instead of only the lucky few. Who needs an app store anyway?

Check, check, check, check… check it out!

The Ceelo webapp saves you time and money.

Betting with Dice


The dice game Ceelo also known as Three dice, Lo Dice, Sing-Luk, Ghetto Craps, Back Alley Craps is a game of chance. Sure you can load your dice and cheat which is fine if you are a scammer and can handle your biz if you get called out by your opponent. But the real fun is when you take the chance and let the pressure rise. Adding more to the bank will increase the blood pressure. It doesn’t even have to be much to get the pressure to rise. Putting your hard earned cash on the line is sure to make you feel a rush. Leaving it completely to chance that you will loose everything on a single roll is even more of a thrill.

Ceelo is the ultimate way to have some fun with some bucks and chill wid your homies.

When you get into street stylez you need to be on your game. That is where you can loose more than your wad of cash if you can’t handle your bizzle. The weak do not necessarily survive.

If you want to have a good night out while you are chilling in your crib break out da dice and some notes, crack open a bottle of Hard Liquor, start puffing the dragon and you will soon get a buzz like no other. The heart beat racing, the pressure rising, the trash talk flowing… What more could you need for a good night with your crew?

A few hot shorties to spice things up a bit will certainly add to the pleasure buzz. Just don’t get distracted from the real deal which is increasing your funds by slamming down da 4-5-6 Ceelo.

How to play Ceelo Ghetto Stylez


These videos explain how to play Gangsta style Ceelo like a true gHetto h00d.

4-5-6 – Fo Real!


Da official 4-5-6 by Chance from NYC.

Ceelo in action


Here’s some random videos of Ceelo being played with real dice…

Latest updates submitted to apps store


We’ve been working hard on a new round of updates for the Ceelo app. We have been improving the look and feel of the app and making a few new additions to the soundz.

Expect new Beatz to be included on a regular basis as we ramp up development and production for the next few months. The focus is on quality Hip Hop and Tech Beatz for your listening pleasure.

We want the app to be more than just a game to play when you are bored. We want it to be a part of your night when you are hanging with your Homies. Down some bevvies, light up a spliff or two and chill to da fine beatz that we create for you. When you feel like having a game it’s right there waiting for you with da fine beatz rocking steady so all you have to do is get your roll on!

Ceelo’s best track by far


Skating Earthquake Destruction in Christchurch


Sweet skating action showing the scale of the destruction in Christchurch, New Zealand. Embedding has been disabled but here’s the direct link.